Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twins Turn 6

Fri 13 & Sat 14 Feb...
The place to be!
Katelin & Daniels Birthday Parties
Never had a car on Friday, so caught a Nedbank Capital London Taxi Cab to Parkhurst where fun was being had by about a million children, wow they were everywhere!
Katelin's birthday was first and this was a Hello Kitty theme with pink & white - it was so cute! Katie was wearing a beautiful pink party dress that really could have been perfect for Alice in Wonderland - she looked beautiful. Saturday was Daniels turn and the theme was dinosaurs and chamoflauge undertones, boys party harder that's for sure - man they were trying their best to destroy the hammock in the garden, swinging and clinging to it like monkeys. The slip 'n slide was a real success and worked perfectly down the slope in the garden.

All in all I think the children were really spoilt, they had so much fun and it was really well organised by mommy and daddy (Tracy & Deon) of course! I had fun with my camera and fast moving subjects - i think i did pretty well considering!

PS: Seems as though the sparrows are almost finished with their nest! Will post a pic shortly of the last few stages.

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