Sunday, February 8, 2009

So there we were... "thinking" one thing and in reality something totally different was going on in our front door!
Yes we have a nesting pair of Striped Swallows, just not the "Lesser" variety!
How random is nature?
If it wasn't for the fact that I managed to get those first pics of the Lesser striped, I would have convinced myself that I'd been wrong in the first place.

It was only this weekend that we first realised that the birds had switched! Would love to know why this happened... but in any case...

We feel truelly blessed to have swallows building a nest right under our noses. Many people have commented on the mess it will create, but just as many people share our view of the blessing!

The pics are in order of events and as you can see top left is our little swallow and as you can see the nest growing as is his haste, I fear he is running out of time and he knows it, they spent the first night in the nest last night as you see it in the bottom right pic, I am sure the nest is not finished, normally it would be closed off and have a tunnel entrance! But I suppose it doesn't stop them from moving in a little early! I really hope they finish their nest before they migrate!

It has been such a treat to watch this little fellow construct this incredible work of nature! God is in the detail!
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